incubation hygrometer (high quality)

incubation hygrometer (high quality)

High quality incubator hygrometer 70 mm

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Brass Effect 70 mm Dial incubator Hygrometer

A small brass effect unit that fits in neatly into any incubator to give a very accurate humidity reading.
Made from plastic, easy to read with large clear numbers and dial.
Unlike the digital hygrometer this isn't given to spikes if a droplet of water settles on the sensor and gives a reliable reading at all times.
Brilliant spot on humidity reading for: incubators, hatchers, brooders & brooder rooms and wine cellers too!

More Information

Product codeHYGRO80

Ø 7 cm
Thickness: 2 cm

Weight in Kg.0.0
Minimaal bestel aantal1

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