Incubator model 90

Incubator model 90

MS incubator model 90

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MS90 Automatic Cabinet Incubator Type2

MS Broedmachines premium hand built wooden cabinet incubator. Fully Automatic turning once per hour. Perfect, all round air circulation in larger cabinet incubators has been difficult to achieve but has been overcome in MS incubators type2 models (larger MS models) through a low vibration rotating bar fan.

The ventilation enters the machine above the heating element as before and is circulated around the cabinet by the revolving bar which rotates around the eggs ensuring warm air is delivered evenly with no colds spots. The specially developed thermostat has an accuracy of 0.2 degrees C. Hatching can be achieved simultaneously in the large wooden hatching tray. The simple humidity control means you can set eggs and hatch at the same time, in weekly intervals. Capacity is 120 Hen eggs or equivalent. Supplied with hen egg trays as standard, These trays will take pigeon , bantam, pheasant hen and duck eggs. If you breed different sized eggs like quail or swan then please contact us so that we can provide the correct trays with the machine

Comes fully factory calibrated and complete with Thermometer, Hygrometer, Hatching Box, Water container and full instructions on it's use.

Cabinet size is 41cm x 47cm x 51cm.

Hatching capacity is 60 hens eggs.

Comes with 1 year guarantee and all spare parts are available.

Optional this machine can be equipped with digital display for humidity as well as a full automatic humidity control.

  • Cabinet size in cm: 45 x 51 x 61
  • Setting capacity: 120 eggs hen eggs
  • Hatching capacity: 60 hen eggs
  • Belt length: 810 mm
  • Power: 220 volts 50 Hz 250 watt
  • Weight: 34 kg

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Product codeMS90S

Cabinet size,
L x W x H      : 50,5 x 45 x 61 cm

Weight in Kg.34.0
Minimaal bestel aantal1
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