Cage trap 80x25x30 cm

Cage trap 80x25x30 cm

Cage trap with Handle and protection plate.Dimensions: 80x25x30cm (L*B*H)

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Cagetrap 80x25x30cm

This cagetrap, in contrast to our walk-through cases have only one entrance.
This trapl is therefore ideal to put at the entrance, for example, a cave.
It increases the chance to catch the right animal because other animals can not enter the trap from the opposite side.

This trap is easy to assemble ancan be set up very easily.
At the treadle feed or bait can be deposited, after which the cage trapl is ready for use.
Once the animal is on the treadle, the trap shuts and captures the animal.

This cagetrap also features a handle incl. protection plate, preventing injury while moving the cage with a live animal inside.

Cage dimensions: 80x25x30cm (L*B*H)

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Product codeT-W80

Trap:   80 x 25 x 30 cm
Wire:   2,5 mm
Mesh: 26 x 26 mm

Weight in Kg.4.0
Minimaal bestel aantal1
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