Maxicup drinker

Maxicup drinker

Automatic chick drinker with build-in float
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Maxicup Drink

This semi-automatic water dispenser is ideal for use in places where you do not have direct access to a water supply.
The Maxicup drinker can be used in old buckets, jerry cans, rain barrels or other water containers.

The built-in float will automatically fill the Maxicup. The content of the drinking bowl is half a liter.
This drinking bowl is very easy to install and suitable for water containers up to a max. Height of 180cm.


Fixing the Maxicup drinker is very simple. Drill a hole of 12mm at the desired height in the water container you want to use.
Then remove the filter as well as the nut and insert the Maxicup through the hole created.
Put the rubber seal in place, it belongs to the outside of the container. Screw  from the inside of the container the nut and the filter onto the Maxicup.
Finally, check that the water container is auto-filled and not leaking or overflowing.

The Maxicup can be disassembled and therefore easy to clean.

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