Mouse / Rat Glue Trap

Mouse / Rat Glue Trap

Dimensions: 34x22cmIndividually packed in a plastic foil (preservable for a very long time!).
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Mouse / Rat Glue Trap

Do you suffer from vermin and doesn't other resources work? Glue traps will be an option!
Place the glue trap somewhere on the walking route of the animals and wait quietly.
These plates have extra strong glue and are therefore suitable for both mice and rats.
You can put some bait (peanut butter, nuts, grain) in the middle of the plate for even better catch-results.

Dimensions: 34x22cm

Due to the pre-cut folding lines, these glue traps can be folded in all kinds of shapes (including a tunnel), so that the catching results can be improved even more.
Our glue traps are individually packed in a plastic foil and are therefore preservable for a very long time!

The use of glue traps to catch mice and rats is not allowed in all countries and in some countries only with exemption.
Ask the concerning (government) authority about the exact regulations in your country.

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Dimensions 34x22cm
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